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Mazdaznan, Count Walewski and the fascination school
The seven Master Arcanes and their relationship with some elements of gaze development along the path the fascination school.

(by dr. Paret)

Caucasian Yoga is a very ancient path of development.

Count Stefan Walewski coined the word "Caucasian Yoga" and he said that he learned it from two initiates. The origin of what he wrote is probably to be found in zoroastrian or even pre-zoroastrian practices. Waiting to find some more information in order to define better its hystorical root, we will speak of caucasian/ancient zoroastrian practices.
In fact, we find very similar exercises in another tradition of zoroastrian origin, called Mazdaznan.
Walewski clearly said that he did not make contact with the Source, but still, the part of it that he gives is very practical.
He indicates in the form of instruction on "how to do," will work - people doing it will benefit.
Obviously what he gives can correspond only to the second step of the Master School, the last step being the development of true consciousness.

Count Stefan Colonna Walewski's was of Polish descent. Here are some words from the preface to his book: "His outer life was that of a well-known collector and dealer in oriental art and antiquities and in anthropological curios. His shop, Esoterica, was not only a famous New York connoisseurs' landmark but the gateway of another world ….
The Count firmly believed that he attracted strange objects to him by a sort of higher magnetism of which he knew the workings; and his unrivalled collection of sacred objects seemed to prove his point. Few knew, however, that behind Count Walewski's constant kindnesses to his fellow man and his expert knowledge -- the two main facets of his external life -- there lay an intense inner life and search for life's most hidden secrets ….

Before the 1920s, in the Caucasus mountains (between the Black and Caspian seas, on the border between Turkey and Russia) he had been vouchsafed some of those secrets by two initiates of a rarely encountered secret society, which combined indigenous doctrines and those of yoga with teachings stemming from a mystical tradition of ancient Zoroastrianism.
Walewski never saw his teachers again, and he himself assumed no personal credit for their teachings which were merely handed on to him under oath not to reveal the source.”
The exercises are highly effective.
The book divided the teaching in two groups: Master Arcanes and Lesser Arcanes.
The Master Arcane are 7, the lesser arcanes 26.
We will draw here a comparison between some exercises of the ancient fascination tradition and these arcanes. We have put together exercises with the gaze and we have drawn a parallelism with the seven master arcanes
For more informations we invite you to visit the school of dr. Paret.
The comaprison is based on our own experience and feelings.

Obviously, if we speak of fascination we speak of the visual sphere and of the eye, while the exercises of Kowalski are mainly physical and mental.
They use also colors, but now we will not examine this point.
We see a parallelism between them and we feel each group of fascination exercises could be enhanced when done together with the corresponding arcane and viceversa.

Set of fascination exercises number 1. Eyes and concentration
Breath and gaze fixity.
This step in the fascination school contains two exercises:
Breathing with the upper chest. Learning to observe a small dot on a wall without blinking. The dot will be both black as a light reflex, alternating them (one day look at a black dot, one day look at a reflection of the light).

In Caucasian Yoga and Mazdaznan 1st Master Arcane is practically identical:
You must select some object. A penny may be chosen if desired. Place the object four to seven feet from you in a position level with your eyes. Look at it steadily, but do not allow the eyelids to droop. In this position you will notice that ideas of a drift¬ing nature no longer have a hold upon your mind, and you are in the right position to concentrate, as the whole secret of success in the unfoldment of knowledge lies in the ability to concentrate. After you will breath"..."In the first lesson it was our object to pay particular attention to the steadying of the eyeballs by looking intently at a given spot so as to strengthen the muscles of the eye, and to steady the accommodative muscle which plays such an important part in our vision. The steadier the vibrations --- the clearer the sight and formation of ideas, for we have been determined to gain a proper posture and learn to breathe more rhythmically."
The interesting aspect is doing both elements (breathing and concentration) together: " The exercise alone without the concentration, will only partly do the work, and the result will be according. The concentration without the exercise will only assure mental gratification for the time being, but will not produce anything of a lasting nature." Walevski add to this arcane two elements: the power of colors and the observation of a light. About the colors look at the end of this paper (elements).
About light Light it is a common element in Zoroastrian Yoga. The basic interpretation is that with light we have a strong stimulation of the mind. (White light contains all other colors and elements and reality is just the reflection of white light against the different elements). NOTE: Please DON’T gaze at the sun.
Our experience has teached us that it is better to use a light bulb of max. 75 watt. Distance: 1.50 – 3.00 meters

Set of fascination exercises number 2. The main element are the legs. The goal is generating Mental strenght and Will.
Eyes: Imagine, as you observe the point, small arrows going to the point.
This second exercise will develop your will to go in a direction and the power without limits. You must learn to develop your will.
Body: Walk and exerce physically. All exercises based on walking or on movements of the legs will develop the sex center and therefore the will.
Learn also the concept of "static tension" or "tension without moving".

These elements are also in the second arcane. In caucasian Yoga 2nd Master Arcane develops "how to aggress and defend". The second arcane is based on the feet and their relationship with the sense of hearing. The attention on the feet, on walking, and Hanish suggest a way to do it walking, will develop the will. Goal of the second arcane is also, "to turn our attention to the sense of hearing. It is necessary that we possess good hearing as very many unpleasant occurrences in life are due to our mis¬understandings from our incorrect hearing, and because we hear things differently from what they were originally intended. It is an established fact that there is no being but what loves the truth and never intends to tell or hear a false¬-hood but because of deficiency in the senses and the undeveloped condition of brain functions, things are heard and repeated that were never said or heard."
We can think that if we are able to WILL we are also able to discern, as both are correlated.
About Static Tension Static tensions are used to create energy. As we do a movement without moving the energy stay stored in us.

Set of fascination exercises number 3. Directing and concentrating the force.
In this exercise you will observe a point very far, and after a point very near. This exercise will help in concentrating the force. The exercise is known in America and reported by Shaftesbury. In Europe only my master spoke about it.

In caucasian Yoga 3rd Master Arcane develops "how to judge sistances". It helps also in storing "electric force" and therefore must not be overdone.

Set of exercises number 4. Movements and diffusing the force in the body.
Here we learn in developing movement and further vivacity of the gaze. Observe some points in different directions (up, down, right, left) very fast and other similar exercises for eye vivacity and it will refine the mind. Note that eyes movements (as in EMDR) are vey useful for putting away bad habits.

In caucasian Yoga 4th Master Arcane develops "electricity" and diffuses in the ganglias through movement. Also correspond to this arcane some elements of set of exercises number 2. “ Physically it will aid in the digestion of food. It will help in concentrating your mind that you may take a more proper attitude in the observation of your labor, but the main point is your taste will become more refined, more sensitive, thus enhancing the sense of smell, which is accomplished in part by the preceding exercise (the third). "We now proclaim that this exercise in connection with the previous ones, followed daily, will aid in overcoming all obnoxious habits, such as flesh-eating, liquor-bibbing, smoking, chewing, drugging, and the like. "

We have drawn similarities also between other arcanes and fascination practices. For sake of simplicity we stop here. If you already know caucasian Yoga, we hope the comparison you have found will be useful.

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