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Come learning mesmerism and hypnotic fascination at the real source.

Dr. Paret  and dr Max Tira are the two world's leading experts in hypnotic and magnetic fascination and "mesmerismus ©", a new powerful approach  that connects mindfulness, quantistic ideas and rare and ancient teaching containing profound truths, thus achieving startling results in the healing field and in the personal field (personal magnetism). These techniques are also useful for personal development.

Dr. Paret also authored many books on this subject, in Italian, English and French . On this site we share our enthusiasm for these rare and powerful technique. There is one pre-requisite before reading what follows .. Be ready and open to new ideas. After reading this , we also invite you to follow our free online fascination course and participate in our facebook group ( ) where you can read many interesting posts, and you will learn immediately many techniques as well to know many other practitioners and discover their results.

Why these non verbal techniques are so fundamental?

Our limited ego or external self is chiefly verbal. The key is in the non verbal. One’s inward and global being is mostly non-verbal, thus Gaze and movements can be stronger than any linguistic pattern in healing and in interpersonal communication and in accessing deeper level.

What are mesmerism and hypnotic fascination?

- In mesmerism we work with something called "animal magnetism". Whatever could be the general opinion on it (and even if recently some academics are rediscovering it), we decided not to rely on any theory neither to rely on ideas (even positive) of people without direct experience in practicing.
We modeled some very succesfull magnetic practitioners. We just looked at facts and what we could get. We did thousands of experimental tests;  and we discovered that when we act in a certain way and we use your brain in a certain way something happens that we cannot so easily and immediately get in other ways. In some case you cannot even get with other tools (read later in this page about our proficiency in different techniques, about the persons we knew and judge yourself what these words could mean).
For us, the results, that are for healing, or personal magnetism, or even other higher  results are the only thing that mattered. We discovered that these results were something practical and observable. What we did? It is very simple. We just used specific natural non verbal elements as gaze and movements in combination with mental elements as will, intention and our natural sensitivity.  Most of the time results were very easy and almost immediate. Defining which force could be at work is not so easy. How could for example Campanelli heal the king of Jordan and the premier of Israel (people that in any case would never say that they had solved a problem if it wouldn't be true) from stop smoking in less than a minute, and other 10000 persons in the same way? Or Alalouf, Andalini or others healers that solved strong physical illnesses old as 20 years in just one meeting, and all of this certified by physicians or even university professors?  Suggestion or placebo is of too little account for such feats, and you cannot rely on them to repeat the results with the same consistency and percentage, and miracle or divine intervention is to much. One practitioner once said : "it works because it works".  Quantistic entanglement or the idea of resonance correspond quite well to many striking and stunning phenomena we observe when practicing it. But even if not well defined by science, animal magnetism has by itself its own undeniable reality and it has been used for thousands of years around the world. We have a use of it for influence and charisma (personal magnetism) and an use for healingThrough the centuries many illnesses, both physical as psychological have been solved in this way, ranging for example from smoking cessation in less than a minute (as mentioned above) to many other health problems.

Thousands of these successful results have been testified by physicians or experts, including some Nobel prize winners and important philosophers. Schopenhauer said: " animal magnetism is the most pregnant of all discoveries that have ever been made, although for the time being it propounds rather than solves riddles. Really, it is a form of practical metaphysics..". It is to note that Schopenhauer had big influence on the ideas behind quantum physics. But even if the source of such healing's remains controversial, it cannot be attributed to suggestion: as even animals have many time been successfully healed with the same techniques used with human beings.  

A certain fact, is that the technique helps strengthen the person .In these techniques Healing is not usually in the direct habitual way, in fact we observe rather a type of strange action that acts by resonance and it is based on will and intention.  You act on the person. Sure, for very severe illnesses, if the organism cannot overcome, it will not overcome, though temporary relief will normally happen. But in many types of problems the odds of creating good, or even exceptional results are very high approaching 80% or 90% of the cases.

The source of real mesmerism is in Europe. Magnetism compliments, and enhances hypnotic techniques and should be known by each hypnotists striving to improve is work; for example: Hundreds of major surgical operations were executed by Esdaile. We also have our methodology for analgesia as you can see on the video on our channel. But we can also develop deep trances where the subject will be even able to say to the therapist how he should proceed to heal him (indirect method of Puysegur). Alternatively we can also use magnetic techniques in everyday conversations to enhance our impact (personal magnetism). It is interesting to observe, that the general public more easily accepts magnetism than hypnotism.

- Real hypnotic fascination is different from modern hypnosis (and also from classical magnetism) and more similar to some oriental techniques of charming and fascination.

Fascination is a powerful non verbal technique dating back to the Greeks and the Egyptians. With the use of the gaze you can induce instant trance without even touching the person, and get deeply in contact with the reality of another person.

To grasp how powerful it is, you could walk on a street, meet somebody knowing the technique, speak for some instants, until he will ask you to look into his eyes, and you could awaken after many minutes or even many hours without even knowing what happened. But this is only a side of something that in reality is much bigger...
With fascination we act on the subjective reality of a person through the use of the gaze and some hands gestures.

It is interesting how we can reach also states of mindfulness starting from the visual system, as it is done for example in the Tibetan tradition of dzogchen or in some hidden western tradition we teach in our school.

For therapeutical results intention is important. For conveying it we use some particular symbols or non verbal gestures. Verbal language is not so important as only with the gaze we can get rapidly in touch with the serpentine brain, the cerebellum. 

And it is interesting how we can reach also states of mindfulness starting from the visual system, as it is done for example in the Tibetan tradition of dzogchen or in some hidden western tradition we teach in our school.

In all traditions the eye is very important. And modern researches show as our three dimensional reality is built mainly through the gaze, even motor responses or auditory localization of sounds are neurologically deeply connected and influenced by brain elaboration of visual inputs..
Note that even modern hypnosis is originated from a popularized technique of the school of fascination.
Braid, a physician of Manchester, observed in fact, that bright objects could induce trance and coined for this state the name "hypnosis".
Obviously, the complete school of Fascination involves many more techniques, is very different from hypnosis and it is lightning fast in its results.
Beware that there are also improper uses of some fascination techniques, as in the case of person robbing in a few seconds just with the gaze money in a supermarket as recently reported
on the TV!
We make present that even if we know how it works, in our courses we teach instead only the proper use of the technique, for personal development or therapy.

With fascination, we have a therapy where the subject is guided into a natural state of well being without the need of closing his eyes, and therefore maintaining a form of contact with external reality. We can: instantly solve neuro-muscular tensions, and many difficult problems such as tinnitus, and other psychosomatic illnesses. On the psychological side we can bring the persons out of the trance states known as worries, anxieties, fears etc...and improve our clients' abilities in general. You can use also the technique on yourself in an appropriate setting.
We can naturally use it also for personal influence.
In this state you are also more sensitive to energetic fields, an expert practitioner can therefore operate on a very deep level of healing.

Finally we observed how developing fascination tends to help also in developing mindfulness.

Putting together fascination and magnetism we have what is called "magnetic fascination" that is the oldest and strongest form of it.
Magnetic fascination involves many concepts relating to what in Eastern countries is called "prana" or "ki" and works on energetic level.
We think that nothing as these techniques (well used) permits more human development in a so short span of time.

:: How we discovered the secret ::

Our interest in hypnotic fascination began here in Europe, as we met casually an old man able to really petrify people with the gaze in a few seconds, without touching or speaking to them except for saying "look at me".

Even though we were very good friends of the guy, he did'nt want to teach it. He said it was a secret. He began the first part of the teaching, and after stopped it.

We began also a search in the whole world, to find somebody else knowing the secret. We met in America Gil Boyne, Ormond Mc Gill and many other good hypnotists, but none had the technique and many even denied its existence.

Ormond Mc Gill, as we spoke with him said he had heard of some people able to do it, but he personally not. We investigated the field of NLP, meeting Richard Bandler and John Grinder but they didn't have the secret.

In the time we had become tremendous expert in the field of hypnosis, NLP etc... Max was a certified trainer with at least four of these schools and I got certified as a trainer by two of them, but nevertheless we didn't have the secret. We went back and we began to study the old texts of hypnotism of the 1800 and begin 1900 and we began to understand something.

Many of these texts spoke as normal of feats that no modern hypnotist was able to do in the way these old texts said. Countless of these texts confirmed by serious observers speak of feats of magnetic lucidity, extreme sensitivity and a strong entanglement between operator and subject.

Modern hypnosis is rational, but it is normally bound to the use of words, and has put away all possibility of what somebody could call supernatural, (but which in reality is completely natural and even provable if understood from the right angle). 

In the beginning, if you practice these techniques, it is not necessary to believe in energy, or whatever else. The only thing needed is to have an open mind, observe and be open to feel what-ever happens. After a while you will see that energy is a natural phenomena. What is unnatural is not to feel it. The truth is that modern man lives an unnatural computerized life and must therefore learn how to feel it all over again. And it is known, that energy follows thought. We constantly create our own reality. It benefits, therefore, to have the most impressive results, to be immersed and open our thoughts to a reality where energy is possible. Excessive materialism can be a limit, which prevents the true possibilities of our spirit from soaring.

The "Gaze" is an important tool as energy goes where attention goes, and attention goes where eyes go.

Modern verbal hypnosis has sometimes tried to explain some of the feats of what Mesmer and other did, but to often using only its own reduced materialistic paradigm, that is based on words, and denies the body relying very few (or at least less than what we do) on the use of gaze and other non verbal elements.

Another set of problems to overcome, are words themselves, and the idea that everything should be translated in words, or terms understandable by the conscious mind. Mesmer and many other old hypnotists used non verbal communication. It is impossible to explain fully in words what exists and how to interact at a non verbal level, but it is possible to discover it.

Coming back to our teacher, we spoke with him on a different level, not only searching the physiological keys (he had in any case many), and at this point he taught us many concepts that changed our level of understanding. He also gave us some more practical techniques for this energy to work. The physiological side is necessary , but it is not the only side.

If we use only physiological elements we speak of "hypnotic fascination". If we use also the last concepts we have real "magnetic fascination".

Now we have rediscovered fully the power of the ancient tradition, connecting it with the most recent studies on man and mind. We have called what we do "mesmerismus" as Mesmer also used the hands, the gaze, and no words. We classify the teaching as follows ...
a) magnetic part and
b) right use of the power of the gaze (fascination) part
c) right use of the other elements of non verbal communication.

To make animal magnetism work you must

1 - Each time be "open" to learn something new. Not relying on fixed beliefs. Being ready to accept new paradigms. When we operate magnetically, we should grant us the change “not to know”. As Lao- Tse says: “Knowing that you do not know is a great thing, while thinking that you know is a disease”. Be ready to accept the possibility of the ideas behind fluidism and/or that something cannot be grasped by scientific thinking. Quantistically we are the makers of our own reality. Let us then choose to create a reality where certain things are possible.
2 - not rely on words, but on inner thought
3 - connect yourself to the power of Nature and rediscover your natural power. The key lies in Nature. Animal magnetism means a magnetism which is in touch with Nature
4 - Understanding what really lies behind what people call generically "personal power" and "personal magnetism", know that it is not a gift, but something that has its structure and can be increased with simple exercises, and develop a knowledge of the use of a serie of normally little known physiological elements (Mandelbaum effect, Enteric Brain, plexuses etc...) that will greatly help also your other current practices

We went again back to the guy that had the secret and we got it, or at least a big chunk. Now we have decided to transmit it as we think it is a treasure of Humanity.. Contact us if you want more infos at

Hypnotic and magnetic fascination and mesmerism are a "system" of many elements.
Here we outline just some of the basic points we teach in our seminars:

- the power of the gaze
- the power of mental concentration and will
- the rytmic breathing
- the charging of the interior organs
- the power of words and of silent mantras
- the interior ingredients
- muscular tensions
- how to charge your will
- will and must
- revitalizing sexuality
- the internal photography
- the chauldron
- practical uses

We have analyzed  he results obtainable by these techniques with the most recent quantum researches on the mind.

We get in fact striking results, as our system,  even if based on ancient wisdom, encompasses many quantistic elements and it is probably the most clear and evident application of quantum technologies existing today.

Among the key elements for the highest results seems to be the capacity of awakening "gamma waves" in the brain.
We explain on this page some modern Quantum Scientific Explanations
The "gamma waves", faster than the "Beta Waves" account for creating a mental state of synchronicity in the brain and were found also in many meditators, as the tibetan monks.

We help quantum states also with specific techniques, as light. We have introduced many techniques based on the use of light, that in combination with the mesmeric techniques will completely change the way in which reality is observed and lived. The creative mind will open up

Our focus in creating change is in fact always to awaken a powerful and autonomous quantum intelligence residing inside every human being. We accomplish change as we make our clients able to create and live in a new Quantum reality, more safe and effective.

.........................................................................And we had many others...

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