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Introductory Paper on the ancient psycho-physiological fascination practices

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Come learning mesmerism and hypnotic fascination at the real source.

The key to Franz Bardon and to other Hermetic writers, interpreted through the ancient Master School.

If you ever stumbled upon the writings of Franz Bardon, you may have been fascinated by his way of teaching. He helps the reader in discovering some true keys of magic.

Franz Bardon wrote many books on occult subjects. The first, Initiation in Hermetics, brings the student to the secrets of elements. This book describe a way of operating based on the four elements. These four elements are held in direct connection with the sensorial modalities and many exercices are derived.  Also he describes how to develop the positive and the negative pole in man.

We have put all these exercises in action and we have found incredible results.

Franz Bardon was exponent of a REAL tradition. This was demostrated by the high appreciated work of Rawn Clark that wrote many articles and a book on this argument. The big problem for the actual student is that Franz Bardon died and didn't have the time to complete his work. He was beginning a fourth book. The exercises you learn in our tradition are anyway on the same line and can help in filling many missing pieces and getting real results.

In our researches we have found similarities between the work of Franz Bardon and what is done in a few rosicrucian lodges. Also we have found striking similarities between the way in which he and our master guided his disciples along the path of knowledge.

It is possible to help a person in changing his personality through these reequilibrating processes. We think that together the two approaches could be dynamite and we have ourselves found new interesting dimension.

The technique of fascination can enhance the results you get with Franz Bardon's techniques, and at the same time Franz Bardon's techniques can give you many useful preparatory exercises.


In the fascination approach there is also the use of specific mantras, and we discover in "the key of true kabbalah" a description of many useful mantras.

In our seminars we teach practically how to use them for influencing others and perceived reality.

The highest leve is what we call "mono-verbalism". It means using just one mantra while fascinating. This is the highest level.

..Click here for an introductory Paper on the ancient psycho-physiological fascination practices

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